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Wet Glass

Curious about Whiskey

Whiskey is a beautiful and delicious drink, that offers both experience and conversation!

If you are curious about whiskey but not sure where to start, we have 4 suggestions that we know you will love. (We've tried them all on new whiskey drinkers!)

Wet Glass

It's surprising! (in a very good way!)

This delicious and sweet tasting Scotch whisky is a surprise because many 'sippers' don't realise it's actually a Scotch. Probably because it does not blow your socks off with big peaty flavours! It's got a cool bottle, an interesting! name and a beautifully smooth flavour which is perfect for mixing. 

Find out if this is 'a bit of you'!

monkey shoulder2.jpg
Image by Terricks Noah
Jameson pic.png

The classic choice... and for good reason!

Great to start with if you want a very smooth, honey tasting finish (that's because it is triple distilled!). It's also the 'safe bet'; you will be hard pushed to find anyone who would refuse a Jameson! There is a reason why it is still the most popular Irish whiskey on the planet!

Click here to find out more and see if Jameson's will be your first love!

The Show Off's choice!

Now this one is a little pricey for a first try. But it will wow your friends and your taste buds. Plus, Japanese whisky is quite a fashion statement at the moment, as it's one of the most sought-after categories of spirit in the world!

Take a closer look to see if this is your style

Hibiki harmony_edited.jpg
Woodford reserve1.jpg

A very cool bourbon whiskey

The American hero of the bourbon world! This is whiskey bourbon absolutely delicious and so easy to drink. Perfect in an Old Fashioned cocktail. One to introduce to your friends. Plus it has a very cool bottle shape.

Read on to learn more

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