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Women in Whiskey: women you need in your life. Well... at least their 'spirit' anyway!!

  • Sarah Elsom, Head Distiller at New Zealand's Cardrona Distillery. Cardrona Distillery has an all-female team, led by founder Desiree Whitaker. The taste really reflects the beauty and depth of this whiskey. A must have. 

  • Emma Walker, Master blender at Johnnie Walker has a true passion for flavours and the science behind them. No wonder the liquid tastes so good.

  • Jill Kuehler, an American entrepreneur with a background in food and agriculture who worked in the Peace Corp, is the founder of Freeland Spirits.

  • Desiree Reid-Whitaker, New Zealander former farmer, author and founder and manager of Cardrona Distillery.

  • Fawn Weaver, American entrepreneur, historian and author. CEO of Grant Sidney Inc. and owner of Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey.

  • Allison Parc, an American professional ballet dancer turned founder and president of Brenne French Single Malt Whisky.

  • Annabel Thomas, the British founder and CEO of Nc’Nean and a pioneer of suitable production.

  • Ann Soh Woods, the Korean American founder of Soh Spirits and Kikori Whiskey, a unique rice whiskey from Japan.

  • Heather Manley, founder and CEO of Crooked Water Spirits and Whiskey

  • Claire Marin, American beekeeper, CEO and founder of Catskill Provisions

  • Penderyn Distillery, the first legal Welsh distillery in over 100 years, has an all women distilling team: distillery manager Laura Davies, blender Aista Jukneviciute and trainee distiller Bethan Morgans.

*This is certainly not a definitive list but hopefully a list that will grow significantly.

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