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Bob Dylan loves whiskey
  • Whiskey and Whisky? What is the diference?
    Whiskey with an 'e' is bold in flavour and whisky without an 'e' is a more floral flavour... Only joking! It’s just a spelling thing! Generally speaking,.. Whiskey is the Irish and American way of spelling, and Whisky is for Scottish and Japanese. The American bourbon, Maker’s Mark spells it without the ‘e’ as “The Samuels decided to pay homage to their Scottish-Irish heritage” (stated on their official Twitter account Dec 2012). It is widely believed that sometime during the 19th century Irish distillers introduced the ‘e’ into whiskey to help distinguish them from Scotch. Smart move if this is true! Don't forget, Bourbon is a whiskey! __________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Southern Comfort is not a whiskey!
    Okay, this is technically not a question but a piece of information that needs to be had! We all (a few) remember asking the bartender for a JD and coke (diet, of course!). And the response being ‘no Jack Daniel’s… Southern Comfort?’ Urgh what. No! They could have just said ‘no JD, I’ll just give you something that tastes really bad! Southern Comfort was originally invented in 1874 by New Orleans bartender Martin Wilkes Heron. Martin took really low-quality whiskey (almost 150 years ago!!) and blended it with fruits and spices. Today, Southern Comfort is classed as a liqueur. __________________________________________________________________________________________
  • What is Whiskey made from?
    Water, yeast and grains! Easy! Grains can be: Barley (scotch and Irish whiskey) Corn (bourbon) Rice (Kikori Whisky) Rye Wheat Oats Millet Not sure if any whiskies have been made out of quinoa or buckwheat... yet! P.s. beer is made of water, yeast, hops and grain... cousins!! ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Is whiskey good for you?
    Yes! (#drinkresponsibly) A delicious Hot Toddy is actually helpful in reducing symptoms of a mild cold (#notmedicaladvice ... but worth a try!) ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  • My ‘romantic’ partner doesn’t know how to make me an Old Fashioned. What should I do?
    Show them how to make a great Old Fashioned, If they then never make you an Old Fashioneds, it seems pretty apparent you should wish them well and send them on their way. If they then try to make you an Old Fashioned and it is awful, it seems pretty apparent you should wish them well and send them on their way. If they start to make you great Old Fashioneds, keep hold of that dream boat and treat them well because someone else will try snap them up. ____________________________________________________________________________________________
  • When can Whiskey call itself Bourbon?
    Bourbon is a type of Whiskey. The reason why this whiskey is called Bourbon is because: the mash (not potato mash, but the mixture of grains used for the liquor) is at least 51 per cent corn. there are no additives (told you it was good for you!) it cannot be distilled at more than 160 proof aka ABV 80% (probably a good job!) the bourbon cannot enter the barrel at more than 125 proof aka ABV 62.5% (again... probably a good job!!) and the biggie... the US called dibs on the name, meaning whiskey can only be called Bourbon if produced in the United States. ___________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Does Whiskey age in the bottle?
    Unlike wine, Whiskey does not continue to age in the bottle. It only ages in the cask. ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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Whiskey vs whisky
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