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The Best Whiskey Glasses

The whiskey glass is an important part of enjoying your tipple... and a showpiece! Impress your guests!

Here are a collection of a few we think you will love.

Bar Interior
Premium Diamond

If you have a whiskey enthusiast in your family these would make the perfect gift. Many whiskey drinkers around the world would tell you to get these if you really want to enjoy your favourite bottle. These Glencairn Glasses can be found at whiskey festivals, bars and distilleries. They are glasses that enhance the true aroma and flavour of the whiskey.

The Glencairn glass has won multiple awards!

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Dishwasher safe | Lead-Free | 300ml

Enhances Tasting Experience: the shape of the glass helps the whiskey breathe which enhances the aroma and flavour of the whiskey.

Made from crystal glass: giving it that beautiful feel, and sound when you tap the glass.

The Perfect Gift: for the whiskey connoisseur or the whiskey enthusiast.

Made from Borosilicate glass, these lightweight "Thumbs Up" glasses are a more cost-effective option. Even though they are both lighter in weight and on the pocket, there is no compromise when it comes to design. The set comes in magnetic box packing. Just be mindful of not being too heavy handed as the glass is lovely and slender! Although it is not advertised as dishwasher safe, some customers have reported they have put them in the dishwasher no problem. However, that's your call!

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Handwash | Lead-Free | 250ml | anti-rocking

Enhances the Taste: the tilted diamond shaped aerates your drink as it is swirled in the glass.

Value for money: great style and even better value for money.

A Great Gift: your friends will love the unique fun design.

Bar Entrance

The presentation of these glasses are beautiful, sturdy and classy. They are surprisingly comfortable to hold with a good weight. The unique angles will make it look like you have a couple of diamonds on your table! The way they stand is very unusual but that's what adds to the appeal. These will be the whiskey glasses your guests will prefer. Just be mindful on how much whiskey you are pouring as the angles make it difficult to judge!

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Dishwasher safe | Lead-Free | 300ml | anti-rocking

Enhances Tasting Experience: the unique tilted diamond shaped allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled in the glass.

Gravity-Defying Design: anti-rocking, spill-proof and a 50-degree tilting angle for a unique drinking experience.

The Perfect Gift: luxury gift box you could pair with a bottle of Monkey Shoulder or Hibiki Harmony Whisky.

Bar Interior
Classic Crystal

These whiskey glasses are inspired by the 1920’s; timeless and sophisticated making them perfect for your favourite drop of whisky. They are beautifully cut and very well presented in a sturdy box. Excellent quality, design and weight. The rim is a little thicker than usual, but that only adds to the sturdiness and good amount of weight.

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RRP: £24.99

Dishwasher safe | Lead-Free | 300ml

Stunning Tumbler Design: Simple, beautiful and intricately patterned that will sit comfortably in your hand.

Large Capacity: The 310ml capacity makes it ideal for a whiskey on the rocks, but it will also nicely hold a whiskey and ginger or G&T.

The Perfect Gift: Complete with a stylish box!


If you love chunky, sturdy and good value for money glasses, then these are fantastic. You defintiely feel like you are holding a weighty glass. Glaskey Whiskey glasses are defintiely for everyday use, but still look great! Use them to drink a great bourbon or a Gentleman's Jack and coke!

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RRP: £17.99

Dishwasher safe | Lead-Free | 310ml

Sturdy and a unique design: Great for everday use.

Large Capacity: The 310ml capacity makes it ideal for a whiskey on the rocks or with a mixer. They are also non-slip.

The Great Gift: and even better to take to a festival!

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