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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We started this blog / site because we think whiskey (or whisky) is an amazing product not only in taste and flavour but history and process. But also, because it is a very misrepresented spirit, in terms of who, when and how it should be drunk. The spirit holds no bias or stereotype, but the years of a particular type of marketing has created a certain type of illusion.

Whiskey is now produced to a good or great standard in almost every country in the world which is a far cry from its incredible beginnings in Scotland and Ireland. What is beautiful about this product, is that even through (regardless where it is made), it still consists of the 3 core ingredients: grain, yeast and water. This means the variety in flavour, aroma, depth and experience are worlds apart depending on where the spirit is made.

Also, we built this site to continue learning about the ever-evolving world of whiskey, its surroundings, its influences and if we make a little cash from referrals, that would be super!


Whiskey is not just a drink. It’s an experience.


It’s good to try different whiskies but the important thing to remember, drink what you enjoy.

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Whiskey Glass Up Close
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