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ABV 43% | Blended | Japan




Tasting notes


Black Pepper



What it tastes like:

The sweetness of honey with candied orange peel, white chocolate and tasty dates.

On the Nose:

Light floral and spice with woody sweet notes.

Well rounded and complex! (sounds like the ideal partner!)


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"The 10 Best Japanese Whisky Bottles to Drink Right Now"

Did you know

Blended Whiskies are more popular in Japan than Single Malts! Japanese culture honours the concept of balance and harmony. Blended whiskies lends itself to this concept.


Japanese whisky highballs are almost always consumed with food in Japan.

Cocktail Hour!

Hibiki Japanese Harmony can be enjoyed in a number of different ways, but sometimes it is best to keep it simple to really savour the skill that goes into this spirit. 


Hibiki Highball



Fill a highball glass with ice and let chill for a few seconds. Add whisky and stir a few times.

Add chilled soda and give a single stir from the bottom to the top with a bar spoon.

Add a twist of grapefruit or lemon.

Drinking Out

Fancy cocktail bars for fancy priced Japanese whisky!

Black Rock bar, Moorgate, London

Bull in a China Shop, Shoreditch, London

HIDE Below, Piccadilly, London

The Whiskey Jar, Manchester

Whiski Rooms, Edinburgh

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