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What is a good breakfast whiskey?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Now before we get “all up in arms” there are a couple of things to consider: breakfast time in one city is after 12pm in another! Also, it’s fairly common for Bucks Fizz (yes the original “Mimosa” - apart from Bucks Fizz is 2 parts champagne to 1 part orange juice and mimosa is 50/50, making Mimosa a baby drink!!) or champagne to be drunk at breakfast. Also, the occasional vodka (urgh) with smoked salmon and scrambled egg.

So let’s talk whiskey. My sister came to visit me the other day around lunchtime and I offered her a whiskey and soda, her response was “oh no that would be too strong, shall I make us an Old Fashioned instead”!! We had the Old Fashioneds, and they were delicious but I also guess this means Old Fashioned would be a reasonable drink to have with a bowl of cereal and peanut butter on toast!

All this said there is a drink called Skalk which “refers to the Scottish Hebridean tradition of drinking a dram of whisky as an aperitif before breakfast.” (Skalk - Wikipedia, 2022). I would recommend a Johnnie Walker Black Label or simply the best, an Irish Coffee, or no the diary free Americano Whiskey.

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