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The Complete Whiskey Course



The Complete Whiskey Course is here at the perfect time. Whiskey has now exploded into the “third wave”, meaning that its now part of the everyday conversation of people’s lives and continues to be a preferred choice for those drinking spirits. But there remains an aura of “exotic” around it that makes even the most sophisticated drinker admit “I’m no connosieur”.

This book breaks down the “mystery” around whiskey and opens it up to enjoyment from all walks of life. The author uses clear language that guides the reader through the roots of distillation in ancient times and the beginnings of whiskey in the middle ages.

From there, it spreads out all over the world, from Japan to Scotland to Kentucky to Brooklyn. 

There are over 170 whiskies and distilleries that are profiled in these gorgeously illustrated pages, full of full color photos from distilleries around the world.

The Complete Whiskey Course: A Comprehensive Tasting School in Ten Classes by Robin Robinson


"Best Gifts for Whiskey Drinkers" Thrillist


“…entertaining and extremely informative…I would recommend this book to the new whiskey drinker as well as the connoisseur.” - Jon Dubin, Brand Director, Knappogue Castle Irish Whiskey


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Kindle edition: £10.99

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