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How long does an opened bottle of whiskey last for?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Great news! Unlike wine, an opened bottle of whiskey or bourbon lasts for ages! Whiskey or bourbon should be okay to drink for 1 to 2 years once opened, if stored properly. After the 1 to 2 years the taste, colour and or smell can start to deteriorate.

What this good fortune of long-lasting whiskey or bourbon means, is that you can buy that bottle you want which is on special offer, or when you are able, take a sip and add it to your collection to drink another time without worrying it will spoil. Of course, there are plenty of reasons and occasions which means you may not want to devour this diverse drink all at once and keep it for: certain celebrations, with particular food, one for the outdoors etc... Whatever your occasion, don't be afraid to keep whiskey or bourbon in stock, open and ready to be enjoyed.


  • Make sure the whiskey lid is on tight. So no extra oxygen can sneak in!

  • Store the whiskey in a dark place, such as a cupboard… or a purpose-built whiskey tent!

  • Make sure the whiskey isn’t exposed to sunlight. Even though we whiskey drinkers love a bit of sunshine on our faces, it does no good for the fine drop we are enjoying.

If you really want your whiskey in a gorgeous glass display cabinet for everyone, or just yourself, to see. Drink it within a few months and it will be as good as when you opened it.

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