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How to store unopened whiskey bottles?

Seems like a crazy question, right? UN-opened Whiskey!

However, for those of you who want to save a beautiful bottle of whiskey or bourbon for ‘that’ special, potentially years off occasion, such as: your child buying you a gift (over £10) with their own money, Arsenal winning the Premiership again or for that one friend who you are desperate for them to find someone nice to settle down with. Here is how you do it:

  • Store it upright. Unlikely wine and wine corks, the cork is meant to be in contact with the wine so stored at an angle. Whiskey corks are built for repeat use and therefore should be constantly wet.

  • Store is a dark place. Light will negatively impact colour, flavour and aroma

  • Store at room temperature

AKA, put it in the cupboard and close the door! I would also, as a recommendation, put a label on it to remind me, or anyone else who happen to have an earlier reason to celebrate, to DO NO TOUCH!

If you have a cellar, lucky you!

If you have a chance to purchase a special bottle of whiskey or bourbon that could be of value in the future. Take a punt and buy it (and don’t open it!), it could be worth more in the future. Worst case scenario, and you find out it’s not as valuable as you hoped it could be… you drink it!

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