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Best Japanese Whiskies for Beginners.

We’ve got another delicious list for you! We’ve sampled them all and so, put together a guide of Japanese whiskies that will 'knock your socks off' and satisfy your every need. Okay, well at the least you will be very happy with your selection!

If you just want the list... here it is!

  1. Suntory Whisky Toki: great in a highball

  2. Hibiki Japanese Harmony: perfect for sipping

  3. Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky: like a dessert

  4. Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt: a tribute to the father of Japanese Whisky

  5. Chita Single Grain Japanese Whisky: sophisticated

Japanese Whisky

You may have seen Japanese whisky and wondered why it looks to be more expensive than some of the other whiskies on the market? Yes, there is a supply and demand factor as the demand for Japanese whisky has accelerated significantly over the last few years, and there is limited capacity on production. However, the price also reflects the high quality and distance it has to travel. If Japanese whisky is within your budget, then it's definitely worth a purchase of a bottle or two. However, if your budget prefers something a little lighter then there are certainly other fantastic whiskies for you.

Drinking Japanese Whisky

The high price may lead you to think Japanese whisky should be sipped neat, or on the rocks. However, in Japan, the Whisky Highball is the way to drink. It's basically 1 part whiskey to 3 parts ice cold soda, with a twist of lemon if you like. The Highball is a long refreshing drink (also low calorie!!)

The Suntory Toki is actually perfect with a mixer such as a Highball, or with whatever you fancy. It's your drink, you drink it how you like it! The blended grain gives an almost thick and luscious feel with fresh green apples, a little dried fruit, honey and a herbal finish. The soda water really enhances these flavours. Or if you add ginger ale instead, there will be a beautiful fieriness added.

This is a perfect introduction into the world of Japanese whisky.

Now this whiskey is a great Japanese whisky for sipping. I prefer it neat with just a couple of drops of water to open it up. It's aged in 5 different types of oak which just adds to the layers it offers with each taste. Think tart berries with honey cinnamon apples and a touch of marmalade. I know right! It sounds like a fantastic pie! Plus, there is a creaminess that accompanies each go!

It is on the pricier side, but if you want a high-quality crowd pleaser, then Hibiki Japanese Harmony is the one.

This whisky tastes like a dessert, almost a little crème brûlée like. Perfect as a post-dinner digestif. The aroma is very bourbon like, with the taste being that of malty biscuits with vanilla and fruity flavours of melon, grapefruit and syrup.

The name Coffey refers to the whisky still and is named after the inventor Aeneas Coffey. It has nothing to do with coffee, but would probably very nicely accompany a cup of coffee!

This whisky is named after the father of Japanese whisky, Masataka Takesuru. It's a whisky with plenty of body, hints of smoke and a wave of creaminess. If you are already familiar with a smoky Scotch but are looking to venture into new territories, then you should try this one.

Just a word of caution. Nikka Taketsuru is selling out fast! Though don't worry too much if you miss it, because there are obviously plenty of other amazing Japanese whiskies you can indulge in.

This is a representation of Japanese whisky. Being aged in wine and Spanish oak creates a level of sophistication to the liquid. The aroma is surprisingly smoky, but the taste is smooth and warm. It is not considered a sweet whisky, although there is a touch of sweetness to it. It is sophisticated, smooth but mild with a hint of mint.

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