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Beautiful whiskies from around the world

starward nova australian whisky

ABV 41% l Single Malt l Melbourne, Austrailia

Aged in local ex-red wine barrels.


Taste: Imagine a rich red berry pudding covered in vanilla, caramel and spice.

Nose: Like they took bright flavours of red berries and orchard fruit then coated them in soft oak spice.


Best Indulgent pairing: Red berry pudding! 

Freeland Bourbon. Whiskey Bicycle ~ access your spirit ~


ABV 46% l Blended l Portland, USA  

Aged in charred American oak and finished in Pinot Noir barrels.

Taste: Rounded and smooth, soft caramel and baked berries layered with vanilla bean, cocoa and spice.

Nose: Toffee, marmalade, smoked pecan and clove.


Best Chocolate pairing: Cadbury's caramel

bains cape mountain1.png

ABV 40% l Single Grain l Wellington, South Africa

Aged in bourbon casks.


Taste: Toffee caramel, vanilla and a touch of citrus.

Nose: Crisp caramel and slightly fruity.


Best Chocolate pairing: hazelnut milk chocolate

the english whiskey1.jpg

ABV 43% l Single Malt l Norwich, England

Aged in bourbon casks.

Taste: whipped vanilla ice cream, nuts and tropical fruits.

Nose: Vanilla custard, orange zest and grassy malt.


Best Chocolate pairing: Dark chocolate orange


Kikori Whiskey


ABV 41% l Single Grain (rice) l Kyushu, Japan

Aged in American and French Limousin Oak and Cherry Casks.

Taste: velvet smooth toasted almonds, melon and a hint of tart apple.

Nose: caramel, tree fruits and vanilla.


Best Indulgent pairing: spiced apple pie


ABV 46% l Single Malt l Tel Aviv, Israel  

Aged in bourbon, virgin oak and red wine-seasoned shaved, toasted and re-charred casks.

Taste: Vanilla, honey sweetness, lemon, earthy oats with a dark chocolate cover.

Nose: Sweet peach, honey and floral oak.


Best Chocolate pairing: honeycomb dark chocolate



ABV 43% l Blended l Scotland

Aged in American oak barrels.


Taste: light lemon and orange, vanilla sweet, hazelnuts, and a touch of smoke nestling behind.

Nose: Malty, oak and subtly sweet.


Best Indulgent pairing: Dundee cake


ABV 40% l Single malt l Speyside, Scotland

Aged in toasted oak casks.


Taste: Rich biscuity oak, a little cinnamon spice, sweetened with flavours of toffee and apple.

Nose: Toffee and apple notes.

Best Chocolate pairing: dark chocolate truffles

Just Hatched1.jpg


ABV 64.4% l Single Malt l Wanaka, New Zealand

Aged in ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks.


Taste: A rawness of almond, honey and vanilla with a touch of spice.

Nose: Toasted fruit bread with a lemony butter.


Best Indulgent pairing: Raisin Bun with loads of butter

uncle nearest_bourbon1.png


ABV 50% l Blended l Tennessee, USA

Aged in new American oak barrels.

Taste: Caramelised nuts, oaty biscuits, hits of toasted corn and a touch of cut grass.

Nose: Brown sugar and buttery vanilla with sultana and cinnamon sweetness.


Best Chocolate pairing: mint chocolate


ABV 46% l Single Malt l Bangalore, India

Aged in new American Oak and ex-bourbon.


Taste: Barley, honey, allspice, apricot, rum. Medium peat.

Nose: intense barley and grain, nutty, citrus, apricot.

Best Chocolate pairing: Chocolate orange wafer


ABV 45% l Single Barrel l Oaxaca, Mexico

Aged in a French Oak barrels.

Taste: vanilla, lemon peel, clove and anise.

Nose: Roasted corn, floral spice and buttered popcorn.

Best Chocolate pairing: butterscotch

Woodford reserve1.jpg

ABV 43.2O% l Triple distilled l Kentucky, USA

Aged in new, charred, white oak barrels.

Taste: Rich, smooth, toffee caramel, spicey notes with a citrus run through.

Nose: Tobacco, vanilla spice with an orange minty freshness.

Best Chocolate pairing: Milk Chocolate with Almonds


ABV 51.4% l Blended l Hokkaido, Japan

Aged in a variety of casks including bourbon barrels, sherry butts and refill hogsheads.

Taste: honey caramel fruity sweetness with a light peatiness of tobacco, leather and spices.

Nose: floral, spiced and fruity.

Best Chocolate pairing: 70% dark chocolate


ABV 40% l Blended l Dublin, Ireland

Aged in sherry and bourbon barrels.


Taste: balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry and exceptional smoothness.

Nose: light floral, peppered with spicy wood and sweet notes.

Best Chocolate pairing: Hot Chocolate fudge cake



ABV 46% l Single Malt l Oban, Scotland

Aged in Oak casks.


Taste: fruity, apricot, spice and caramel.

Nose: young sweet and fruity nectarines, peaches and honey.


Best Indulgent pairing: apple pie and double cream

Kikori and Woodford
Milk & Nikka
Sia & Jameson
Cardhu & Nc'nean
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